Audio Equipment and Audio Talk

Audio Talks was a series of lively conversations and specially commissioned performance-exchanges with some of the world’s best-known artists, sound designers, and architects on the theme of cities and sound. Hamer Hall’s redevelopment was a celebration of a new meeting point for sound, architecture, and design. To unpack this distinctive ‘handshake’ of disciplines, we brought together artists, sound makers, theorists, and architects to consider questions such as:

  • Can we ‘build’ with sound?
  • How does urban ‘noise’ feed into Hamer Hall and how do the sounds created at Hamer Hall feed the city?
  • Can physical spaces, like the Hall, have sonic memories, and can we listen to the past, today?
  • What if we could turn urban sounds on and off?

How can design help us to listen?

Across a half-day symposium with local, interstate, and international speakers, we explored the sonic qualities and ‘personality’ of both the Hall and the city and considered how can we creatively use sound to make better spaces. How can we create a branding of a person personal branding?

Audio Talks was for designers, architects, artists, and all those interested in exploring the sonic qualities of space and the relationship between sound and the built environment.