Hi, I’m Nicholas L Manifold. Founder of HANDSUPSTAND productions.

The passion behind HANDSUPSTAND has a story of many years of professional experience most facets of the audio industry.

It all started was some time back. With one hand fastened to the ledge of the window seal, I extended my other arm out towards the protruding tree 4 meters out of my reach; I was eleven years old and determined to record the laughing Kookaburra clan who would congregate outside my window making a cacophony of sound. My father knowing my fascination had brought me a Tandy Microphone for my birthday; Not realising the danger I was in at the time, or maybe not caring, I was determined to record the chorus of birds for my class ‘show and tell’. As a kid, I always seemed to live life through my ears and that microphone started my fascination with collecting exotic noises.

Of course, I could not love sound without having the obligatory love of music. Music had played a big part in my family. I realized from an early age going through my parent’s record collection that music had the ability to touch your soul – It was a connection that went beyond logic- I observed it made people move and had an amazing way of reaching beyond the mask you held in your day to day life. My friends and I would spend all our cash reserves buying the latest albums and I had on one or more occasions serenaded a girlfriend with songs I wrote on my mother’s piano. This girl is still in my life today!

My father was an experienced session drummer and, in an attempt, to win his admiration I would go down after school to his Ludwig drum set in the garage and practice till my arms would ache. Some local boys had gathered together as a band and we ended up touring our local area trawling our equipment from bar to bar with the help of our parents – We ended up building a big local following and acquired a reputation in music circles as a very tight creative rock band – Music seemed to be the only way to express truth – Things I could not vocalize as a teenager seemed to be easily expressed through my music.

My interest went beyond the usual band member though, and I became fascinated with production. For me it’s all about the vibe, making your own music. I would spend hours after the band had left, mixing the sounds we had created. By 18, I started to gain a reputation as a musical perfectionist, someone who could create a very distinctive sound. I became popular with a lot of fellow musicians who wanted to use me for their compositions. I had started to use the latest Pro-mixing technology which enabled me to et the sound I would hear in my head. I had been headhunted by the local Radio station to become a commercial producer as well as radio DJ which lead to my long stint and love with Star 104.5 Central Coast.

Working at Star 104.5 had given me the budget to put some of my creative ideas into practice. I lead a young team of creative minds trying to innovate and grow the station’s sound – We would sift through hundreds of actor voiceover reels to find the perfect voices for segments and spend time mixing music to be used for jingles for different presenters, shows and commercials. Through extensive hard work, I had managed to distinguish a sound that the radio station is still utilizing today.

Whilst on annual leave in late 2007, I received a call from Sydney radio station nova 969. They wanted a radio presenter and producer to call their own. I then started thinking of how I was going to get 4 years of my life transported back to Sydney. I worked at this radio station for 3 years further growing my already powerful tools in the audio landscape. By 2009, the ABC had discovered my talents and was utilising me for work across their radio platforms. This relationship is still strong today.
All of this led to my present life, passion, and the brand that I am pursuing today with a group of dedicated professionals. HANDSUPSTAND.